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Human Resources

Clean Connect offers optimal consultancy to customers with an innovative approach with international experience as prioritizing to create the highest value for the company and its partners. We aim to reach long-term objectives as we prioritize the needs of our partners.

Maximum Benefits with Minimum Costs

Clean Connect is a new human resources establishment of Sigma Group to ensure the highest level of client service at lower costs with Sigma Group's high-level connections in large companies from different sectors and geographies. We present our solutions to every one of our business partners through our European and MENA offices to find best candidates at minimum costs. We cross the geographical borders with our human resources of talented people to build teams that are dedicated only for your needs. Meanwhile we could also set up an actual office in Turkey to help expand your operation at lower cost without having a time difference dividing your teams.

Clean Connect’s expertise comes from its parent company Sigma Group's two decades of experience and global network from 170 countries all around the world. It is in the core of our organization to create perfect solutions for companies around the globe. We bridge between experts and businesses with our know-how on bringing qualified people together to build dedicated and expert teams for successful projects.

Decades of Global Network Experience

Turkey's Competitive Workforce

We bring you Turkey's ultimate workforce with advantages of European neighborhood, similar time zone and large pool of talented people with competitive labor to grow your organization at minimum costs. And all the employee recruitment processes are managed by Clean Connect for you. We create the best teams for your needs on software solutions, automation systems, robotic process automation, mobile application development, call center, IT service, finance, education and many other fields.


Remote Employees at Your Service

Clean Connect serves high-level consultancy for the ultimate benefit of its partners, offering high-quality digital services through Internet, telco and enterprise grade solutions. We study the market and the industry for our partners to realize their objectives. Our talent pool finds candidates from junior experts to seniors to be the best fit for your company's needs.


Our advanced HR solutions serve our partners to help grow their business and reduce operational costs with maximum benefits. Our commitment and attention to detail on human resources merge perfectly to find the candidates that best fit your corporate culture and have the necessary skills and experience for the position in your company.

What do we have in our colleagues?


We connect experts in their fields to bring you colleagues who will take your business to the next level. We aim to maximize your benefits with people who blend talent and expertise. 


We believe that a talented mind coupled with productivity will create great work. We pay special attention to the fact that our colleague who will accompany you has these qualifications.


We prioritize experience when assigning people to your projects or company. We are ready to offer effective solutions to your projects with colleagues who have sufficient knowledge and experience in the field.


Creative minds, who will carry your work beyond the standards, will add value and a different perspective to your work. Your new colleagues are waiting for you for a magical touch and a unique work experience.


We prioritize discipline in our colleagues who will add value to your company as we cooperate with the best people in this regard. Because we believe that a good job can only come about with disciplined work.


Re-coding the Dynamics of the Business

We strive to provide innovations that will add value to your business and accurate and fast solutions in the field of software. We are at your side with our talented teams, flexible working system, strategic approach and high-level software experience to bring your company to the point you want.

Development from A to Z

Clean Connect is here to provide solutions and develop software products for all the needs of your business at minimum costs. We develop software solutions, automation systems, robotic process automation and also mobile applications as you want.


Clean Connect's professional teams join a development process of a product from pre-production to cooperate with you until the very end. Our priority is to create a complete product with a top quality design, up-to-date features and high capabilities. And we care to present a product that is smooth and unproblematic with advanced software testings and Q/A for exceptional customer experiences.

Advanced Systems

Our software development philosophy includes development and IT operations to work together. Continous DevOps make your software both rock solid and flexible to adapt to changing dynamics meantime.


We also enable you to strengthen your system with the power of the cloud as our Cloud Migration moves your infrastructure to cloud databases. When it comes to enhancing your engagement with your customers, SAP CX comes into play for omni-channel customer experience.  

Professional Courses

Welcome to our company, where we offer a wide range of professional training courses to help you achieve your career goals. Whether you're looking to enhance your skills in your current job, or you're seeking to transition to a new career, we have the right course for you.

Application Development

Clean Connect is here to help you to develop any kind of application with an experienced team. We create a difference with our hard work and know-how to make your app shine among the many others in the market.


Clean Connect's maintenance services are among the best of their kind. Your application is in safe hands to be kept modernized and up-to-date all the time to leave its mark on the market. 

24/7 Available Solutions

Systems with 24/7 working ability is a key for many businesses. That is also one of the areas that is filled by Clean Connect. You can empower your customer relations with a call center we assign you to engage direct communication with your customers and audiences. We also provide you an IT solution with our remote IT help desk to help for solving any problem.


Clean Connect's IT help desk works 24/7 with Level 1,5 support standard that supported with video chat to understand your problems to solve immediately.

Complete Development

Product Oriented

With the product oriented method, our primary focus is on efficiently building a quality product, its design, features, capabilities, its subsequent design and manufacture. This model gives the broad opportunity for a technology to be developed that can be used for a wider range of products later.

Project Oriented

Unlike standard businesses, projects are custom designed items to fit specific requirements. One major advantage of project oriented approach comes with the possibility of a very attractive return on capital investment. This approach also brings the opportunity to develop the company’s technical capabilities and build a technology and experience base for future businesses and growth.

Dedicated Development Center

If you are looking for a good combination of professional workforce and lower operational

costs, dedicated development centers are there for your company. With a team of qualified

developers who work only on your projects and comply with the policies and culture of your

company, you can dedicate a large part of development to your dedicated development team while focus your home team on some specific tasks and new directions.

Hybrid (Co-Development)

Hybrid model is based on the alignment between business strategy, execution plan and the best practice to build exceptional customer experiences. With hybrid development models

you get:

• Shortened design, analysis and planning

• Easier definition for projects including budget and time of delivery

• Strict compliances with the standards

• Enhanced collaboration

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