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Expert colleagues at every levels for the need of your business...

Mid Level

Teammates suitable for your demands...


We learn about your company and determine your needs first in order to present you colleagues who will best represent your company and adapt to your work discipline. Then, we start our work for presenting you the most suitable candidates for your corporate culture and job.



We receive your requests

At the request stage, we are asked to summarize the personnel you are looking for in detail. Important points are determined at this stage, such as all the qualifications of the personnel you are looking for, the detailed description of the task to be given, how long the project will take, and working hours.


We scan candidates

We start our work to find the best colleague you are looking for with our expert human resources team and wide talent pool. At this point, we scan our pool of talented and suitable people with the potential to work together, then select the appropriate candidates and move on to the next stage.


Interview process

Candidates selected in the screening process are evaluated first by our human resources specialists, and then by technical consultants who are experienced and have high knowledge in the relevant field. In the technical interview, the suitability of the people for the job description is reviewed for the last time and then comes the next stage.


We present our suitable candidates to you

We send you a file that includes all the necessary information and interview results of our candidates who are selected as a result of a careful study. As a result of your investigations, an interview is set with the candidates you want. If everything goes well, the recruitment process begins.

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501 Silverside Road STE 201 Wilmington, DE 19808 USA

Ataturk Dist. Atasehir Blvd. Ertugrul Gazi St. Metropol Istanbul A Block No: 2E

Floor: L1 Apt: 9 Atasehir / Istanbul / TR


+1 302 543 2992

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